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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

As part of trying to promote GUD, I'm all over social networking.  We've built up a decent MySpace following, I repost book reviews and raffles on various communities on Gather (and other places), and I'm always trying out new things (Yuwie, for instance, which is a myspace clone that claims to share ad revenues; and I've even made a facebook profile).

Gather offers a borders gift certificate for inviting enough people, which is pretty cool (and possibly a better ROI than the Yuwie thing--no telling).  It would be nifty to raffle off that gift certificate if GUD managed to get one. :)

I know there are as many reasons to pick a social networking service over the others as there are people with reason (or more ;) ).  Maybe because it's the first one you fell into, because your friends were going there, or you tried it out and you made better friends there than you made elsewhere, found a friendlier or more interesting community...

Of course, with all that--the majority of our referral hits come from Duotrope and Ralan's Webstravaganza, of course. :)


Do you network?  Where do you spend most of your time, online?  Any suggestions for other sites where GUD could try to make a presence?

[[edited 9/29/2007 to add: We've joined  goodreads, as well.  ]]
- reddit, digg, facebook, stumbleupon, etc... please! ;)
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