Welcome Farker!

Like a fine wine, Issue 0 has improved with time--since its hallowed history in Spring of 2007, it long-winded diatribe removed before it was written. And that brings us to Issue 0, in its original presentation (or jump straight to the download link):

Issue 0 leads with Debbie Moorhouse’s Sundown, a near-future science fiction reflection on death and life. It follows through with a solid variety of works from semi-gritty fantasy; far-future time travel; modern sci-fi humor; historical paranormal; mainstream literary; a fable; poetry that doesn’t rhyme but has a rhythm (involving coffee, mayhem, love, death, and television); reports concerning poetry and software and narrating a journey to a poetry conference in Taiwan; and art of all sorts, from humorous and surreal line drawings through haunting brush work and even a single-panel comic from a celebrated illustrator.