Submission Statistics (past 365 days)

This is modeled strongly after Duotrope's statistics—see what they have for us


We have sent 0 responses over the last 365 days (not including 3 pending response(s) with an avg. wait of 201.7 days).

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avg report: nan day(s)
max report: day(s)


Acceptances: nan% (nan day(s) avg. per acceptance)
Rejections: 100% (nan day(s) avg. per rejection) | nan% personal, 100% form


Submissions by category:

  • stories: 12285
  • poetry: 4266
  • art: 669
  • reports: 255
  • comics: 52
  • scripts: 64

Other Information

Most recent response sent: n/a
Responses have been sent for submissions as recent as: n/a
The oldest submission pending a response is from 02/21 '18