Win a Kindle 2*

* grand prize is winner's choice of a Kindle 2 or equivalent e-reader device, up to $299 value

30 days of GUD! Each day for thirty days we gave out a PDF of GUD to a randomly selected Tweeter. At the end of 30 days, one of those winners was randomly selected to ALSO win a Kindle 2*. And we reserved the right to toss in extra prizes, throughout, of course. ;)

WRAP-UP BLOG: details here

How to enter: Easy! Tweet anything you like with the tag #gudmagazine. If you really want to help, re-tweet this message (which includes a link: back to these rules). Each day's eligible tweets in September 2009 (from 00:00 through 11:59, Pacific time) will be entered in the pool. Each day a single winner will be drawn at random from the previous day's valid entries (see rules, below, especially #1), and will be notified by DM if available and also via a tweet from our twitter account (@gudmagazine). Following us makes us happier, though that has no real bearing on your chances. :)


  1. Tweet (any tweet with "#gudmagazine") from your own personal twitter account. No commercial accounts, please, and no automated tweets, please. If your account looks like a bot or a spammer and "random" picks you, we'll re-randomize.
  2. Only one tweet per day per account is eligible. You _may_ continue to enter even if you have won a previous day (you might win another PDF and a better chance at the Kindle). And you may tweet more than once a day if it makes you happier. That is to say, you can win more than one day but only one entry will be counted for any given day.
  3. Entrants must be 16 yrs of age as of Sep 1, 2009.
  4. GUD employees + family are not eligible, but are welcomed to tweet regardless. ;)
  5. E-reader award is for new product from manufacturer's stores and will be shipped directy to the winner. No service contracts are included.

Also, but unrelated to the contest:

Did you know you can get a free selection from GUD just for signing up? And did you know you can get a free copy of Black Static Issue 12 just for asking?. Meanwhile, some important lit-relevant dates this month: October 1st is Support Our `Zines Day. September 1st is Outer Alliance Pride Day.

Questions and comments?

Email us at This address will be valid for the duration of the contest. Note that we're using the Twitter search API to track entries. Some accounts may not be included in search results.

We'll be updating this spot with questions as they come in, but hopefully we've hit most of the bases. :)


This was updated as winners were announced!


All entries, valid or otherwise, will be displayed below (or linked off if they get to be too much). This page will update automatically (using Twitter's search API). It was last updated 2009-09-30 23:57:42.

Sep 30, 2009

WINNER: simplydab

bluenude3, Nankani, likwan, abbyalex, donnak4, NDrew50, ladyt64, WHITEDEER43, tornxnxfrayed, slehan, JessicaCapelle, ladycat713, choochoo428, gatorgalen, dvice1, MCJunkie, Coffy73, setauuta, dddiva, magneticcrow, ladyknight33, SeaSnork, ericjkrause, BorsaBellaBags, Auriette, clevergayle, goalmom5, VinylPlayground, jenniferbrozek, AuthorOfWorlds, JoJosBookCorner, ParentSupporter, dontlikeclowns, MeganLWC, racergirl1313, MomsThoughts, lisamichelle626, yislash, jsp4zc, gudmagazine, Yourhyniss, sweetp926, bbricke, StoneTable, abitnerdy, grayrose76, gacarol18, blissunknown, RissaWatkins, DreamWeaverr, morgansl, buffysquirrel, killerbeees, brianpiero, LianaBrooks, Shawn_Writes, BookWyvern, sjm6274, guillenwins1, pixframe, BamTheDJ, JH33194, hrbeck, My3Sons33, ShesAnAngel417, smootiful, dansbrat, mojomomma, TES283, simplydab, jessilynne, gibbersome, bsw529, mannabsn, slweippert, TheLuckyLadybug, spikenelson, yayners, Tadiera, arethronok, ckmm04, sillelin, chromiumman, joannaonthelake, SaneDough, kydonna62, salquinn, jenni104, ktwdg, AddressingYou, piaveleno, jhtatroe, kimbertay, t42vek20, jacullinan, jjpdream, tessercat, diannethegeek, sweepstaking, mjjacobs2, WlknDisaster, js22222222, Egare, seanmarkey, rwillsey, a_m_kelly, minnies779, Serok42, samu3lk, peg42, Louie842, carolynishis, Heroesgirl314, hminnesota, dolls123, stacy_chambers, Vergingon40, David_Law, guettel78, SebastianToombs, Inksie, silkdress, Ardy22, cafenirvana, Gatorrock, willitara, writershelper, sophieplayle, ali991 (155)

Sep 29, 2009

WINNER: angieo13

ooodaisymaeooo, lifeonprint, agordon10, ohslowdown, nghtrngr04, gacarol18, jimenezff, brianpiero, Inksie, Kidazy, sgibbs58, kimbertay, LisaHendrix, OregonKimm, carrieallen84, jhtatroe, ag1414, FictionVxn, APrkAvePrincess, chazvgo, ajennell, jessilynne, JoJosBookCorner, angieO13, pixframe, ktwdg, jenniferbrozek, SaneDough, MeganLWC, bsw529, rsdevin, yayners, tatertot374, chromiumman, BookWyvern, grayrose76, ferriza2, debralu, Vergingon40, Egare, GinaE1980, rebel_rose65, VinylPlayground, lilypad98010, dansbrat, arethronok, hrbeck, TES283, buffysquirrel, spikenelson, WlknDisaster, katmagick, jjpdream, peg42, Ardy22, jacullinan, CarmaSez, carolynishis, LianaBrooks, stacy_chambers, mjjacobs2, bucbratt, leannegip, ckmm04, hminnesota, joannaonthelake, salquinn, rwillsey, Serok42, js22222222, minnies779, sillelin, guettel78, Louie842, Heroesgirl314, SebastianToombs, dolls123, Manawind, AuthorOfWorlds, ali991 (90)

Sep 28, 2009

WINNER: Inksie

nanoed, 3mnkids, carolynishis, agordon10, blissunknown, TES283, grayrose76, dontlikeclowns, dansbrat, luckylesia, sgibbs58, jimenezff, 2kidsblogger, pixframe, susan1215, DGalloway42, lunaj1456, jacullinan, yayners, tnshadylady, sweepstaking, idahomom7, jessilynne, BookWyvern, bsw529, kimbertay, hrbeck, SaneDough, magneticcrow, rsdevin, mjjacobs2, iCh3ryl22, LuckyCat7, ktwdg, chromiumman, jcamp2020, ktanjatk, fairyhedgehog, silkdress, jenniferbrozek, ckmm04, peg42, jjpdream, killerbeees, WlknDisaster, joannaonthelake, arethronok, jenni104, LianaBrooks, VinylPlayground, spikenelson, purplepassion12, Shawn_Writes, JK8675309, katmagick, salquinn, rwillsey, gacarol18, dottybean27, Ardy22, litehouse27, annedoggett, t42vek20, hminnesota, js22222222, guettel78, leannegip, Serok42, debralu, Louie842, goldone, SebastianToombs, skankityspence, ali991, Inksie, dolls123, elf3333 (83)

Sep 27, 2009

WINNER: JoJosBookCorner

dolls123, agordon10, LuckyCat7, carolynishis, setauuta, TecknoJock, js22222222, sweepstaking, upwithgravity, JessicaCapelle, pixframe, Serok42, wantsandwishes, TeresaHoule, jbafaith, dottybean27, ericjkrause, killerbeees, dracotorre, tessercat, ladymidnight, jacullinan, dontlikeclowns, LianaBrooks, brianpiero, gamethyme, StuffSmart, gudmagazine, 2kidsblogger, jessilynne, janstirling, gacarol18, dansbrat, donnav07, WlknDisaster, BookWyvern, buffysquirrel, idahomom7, blissunknown, susan1215, flowerppot, jimenezff, jenni104, SaneDough, spikenelson, TES283, era54, jjpdream, chromiumman, bsw529, bettycd, AllRubyCakes, Egare, JK8675309, glf80, socialblasphemy, t42vek20, Pennyb95, jcamp2020, JoJosBookCorner, truedeadman, FictionVxn, hrbeck, katmagick, VinylPlayground, goalmom5, joannaonthelake, silkdress, simplydab, sgibbs58, salquinn, peg42, minnies779, ckmm04, stacy_chambers, guettel78, Inksie, BookReaderTimes, kimbertay, SebastianToombs, jenniwren12, abitnerdy, kohsamui14, ali991, Ardy22, elf3333 (89)

Sep 26, 2009

WINNER: JessicaCapelle

jimenezff, brigettethen, agordon10, pinkblush99, magneticcrow, hrbeck, TecknoJock, LuckyCat7, sgibbs58, clevergayle, brianpiero, sweepstaking, andreama13, jessilynne, geopapas0, Pennyb95, ktwdg, litehouse27, goalmom5, buffysquirrel, spikenelson, gudmagazine, simplydab, GotSpawn, EmaCartoon, zanvia, jenni104, VinylPlayground, squarehalo, BookWyvern, JessicaCapelle, js22222222, waderockett, hprw, ivannawin, carolynishis, yayners, TeresaHoule, Julie_Weathers, littlefluffycat, gamethyme, ckmm04, setauuta, WlknDisaster, Serok42, jhtatroe, jacullinan, lunaj1456, jenniwren12, jenniferbrozek, hunniebee724, Twincere, MeganLWC, ali991, TES283, eyzofblu63, Merc_hyn_di, LianaBrooks, peg42, salquinn, minnies779, luckytoddler, killerbeees, dolls123, Ardy22, bsw529, joannaonthelake, luckylesia, pixframe, rebel_rose65, silkdress, sutlukahve, guettel78, gacarol18, stacy_chambers, SebastianToombs, Heroesgirl314, jjpdream, goldone (84)

Sep 25, 2009

WINNER: Serok42

Nankani, agordon10, gacarol18, TecknoJock, nanoed, geopapas0, opalbaker, pixframe, escapeconcepts, clevergayle, jimenezff, bsw529, blissunknown, SH79, Twincere, BorsaBellaBags, purplepassion12, buffysquirrel, BookWyvern, brianpiero, hrbeck, AuthorOfWorlds, grayrose76, StoneTable, jeannevb, jacullinan, debralu, jhtatroe, piaveleno, sgibbs58, EmaCartoon, minnies779, killerbeees, iCh3ryl22, TES283, goldone, ktanjatk, arethronok, chromiumman, carolynishis, LuckyCat7, dansbrat, jjpdream, Ardy22, spikenelson, jenni104, JCausby, sweepstaking, joannaonthelake, ckmm04, guettel78, t42vek20, lunaj1456, 2kidsblogger, js22222222, angell_izz, Serok42, LianaBrooks, WlknDisaster, simplydab, rwillsey, peg42, stacy_chambers, ktwdg, sutlukahve, SebastianToombs, SaneDough, ali991, jenniwren12, Egare, tralingar, willitara, elf3333, lindac123 (80)

Sep 24, 2009

WINNER: grayrose76

_Silvermare, Nankani, leannegip, lifeonprint, agordon10, ali991, Egare, TheLuckyLadybug, StoneTable, jhtatroe, jimenezff, yislash, ericjkrause, simplydab, blissunknown, donsterb, ivycoo, serenemoments2, luckylesia, nortonx, gudmagazine, SaneDough, jmstro, killerbeees, carolynishis, magneticcrow, agnieszkasshoes, sweepmoore, buffysquirrel, bsw529, TracyLucas, angell_izz, susan1215, 2kidsblogger, LuckyCat7, TeresaHoule, chromiumman, TattooMeteor, spikenelson, guettel78, BookWyvern, yayners, gacarol18, jjpdream, GotSpawn, bucbratt, t42vek20, jenni104, ktanjatk, grayrose76, silkdress, MeganLWC, grannysmither, EmaCartoon, jacullinan, abbyalex, MurphyJacobs, hrbeck, jcamp2020, ivannawin, jeannevb, piaveleno, pixframe, ChrisChartrand, mannabsn, hunniebee724, Twincere, js22222222, WlknDisaster, Ardy22, peg42, debralu, SHEAesthetic, TruNerd, mjjacobs2, sweepstaking, Serok42, TES283, rwillsey, brianpiero, popcultmag, stacy_chambers, Heroesgirl314, hminnesota, joannaonthelake, goldone, SebastianToombs, manna777, AuthorOfWorlds, Inksie, elf3333 (107)

Sep 23, 2009

WINNER: borsabellabags

grannysmither, jenniwren12, Nankani, agordon10, ali991, simplydab, jhtatroe, TecknoJock, ktanjatk, killerbeees, luvmy2ms, ladyknight33, jenni104, blissunknown, KindleKitty, guettel78, jenniferbrozek, t42vek20, TonyNoland, salquinn, jmstro, SaneDough, jimenezff, jacullinan, pixframe, gudmagazine, MCJunkie, luckylesia, jcbeam1, BookWyvern, gacarol18, sweepstaking, rstlswolf, bucbratt, jeannevb, piaveleno, carolynishis, BorsaBellaBags, MeganLWC, ericjkrause, Manawind, bibliophile23, LuckyCat7, bsw529, clevergayle, hrbeck, jjpdream, magidraki, debralu, EmaCartoon, mjjacobs2, ckmm04, TES283, js22222222, silkdress, purplepassion12, mkimsmith, yayners, WlknDisaster, ivannawin, LianaBrooks, abitnerdy, vantalee, skankityspence, peg42, rwillsey, stacy_chambers, hminnesota, TruNerd, joannaonthelake, purplelover04, Serok42, rebel_rose65, SebastianToombs, mjsolender, willitara, TonisTopsy, shopgurl, Ardy22, elf3333 (88)

Sep 22, 2009

WINNER: stacy_chambers

Twincere, spikenelson, lisamichelle626, Inksie, Nankani, abitnerdy, simplydab, agordon10, trishden, Heroesgirl314, jmstro, litehouse27, ivycoo, sweepstaking, LUCINDA574, TES283, jeffliwag, lifeonprint, mjjacobs2, debralu, Weirdside, trishalynn0708, APrkAvePrincess, brianpiero, AuthorOfWorlds, eimhin, Sheeredry, pixframe, LianaBrooks, jenniferbrozek, luckylesia, yayners, kydonna62, bettycd, joannaonthelake, jhtatroe, hrbeck, SaneDough, js22222222, MeganLWC, lunaj1456, chromiumman, jimenezff, kayte71, BookWyvern, buffysquirrel, layz821, StoneTable, Egare, lindac123, bsw529, cheekychicken24, tatertot374, ktanjatk, WlknDisaster, EmaCartoon, jacullinan, purplepassion12, ericjkrause, carolynishis, jjpdream, grayrose76, grannysmither, nicky63, nltoner, peg42, blissunknown, stacy_chambers, TruNerd, dansbrat, littlefluffycat, silkdress, gacarol18, panderson1979, EmApocalyptic, salquinn, ferriza2, Ardy22, Serok42, rwillsey, ckmm04, skankityspence, guettel78, t42vek20, mjsolender, rebel_rose65, SebastianToombs, ali991, jenniwren12 (99)

Sep 21, 2009

WINNER: Serok42

ivycoo, agordon10, wviswildandwond, Ardy22, TheLuckyLadybug, pixframe, brianpiero, simplydab, DianeAsyre, jimenezff, ivannawin, Robertsinferno, carolynishis, MCJunkie, RaonaidLuckwell, fcffollower, bbricke, Writers_Cafe, SusanJCross, piaveleno, KateSherrod, jmstro, killerbeees, AuthorOfWorlds, Sheeredry, Inksie, LianaBrooks, camper223, lunaj1456, angell_izz, BookWyvern, jenniferbrozek, TES283, bibliophile23, kayte71, sweepstakesgirl, dansbrat, jacullinan, blissunknown, spikenelson, hrbeck, glf80, ckmm04, purplepassion12, Tadiera, arethronok, gacarol18, SHEAesthetic, SaneDough, WlknDisaster, TonisTopsy, skankityspence, cheekychicken24, rwillsey, ferriza2, MeganLWC, salquinn, grannysmither, kohsamui14, js22222222, silkdress, guettel78, drellis500, mjsolender, Serok42, mmSeason, trishalynn0708, SebastianToombs, stacy_chambers, joannaonthelake, jenniwren12, cathyjam, ali991, nicky63, jjpdream, stijnhommes, TeresaHoule, APrkAvePrincess (84)

Sep 20, 2009

WINNER: _Silvermare

Nankani, agordon10, brianpiero, jimenezff, abbyalex, bettycd, GlamourNerdMag, NDrew50, blissunknown, tatertot374, 2kidsblogger, LuckyCat7, gacarol18, carolynishis, pixframe, hrbeck, Ardy22, litehouse27, ferriza2, tom343, SaneDough, ericjkrause, FLboyzmom, _Silvermare, BookWyvern, killerbeees, Serok42, LianaBrooks, samu3lk, Trish422, spikenelson, kayte71, chromiumman, TES283, trishalynn0708, purplepassion12, leannegip, debralu, jacullinan, charismc, lorweld, guettel78, sarahlaurenson, jenniwren12, cheekychicken24, WlknDisaster, salquinn, drellis500, sonotech63, joannaonthelake, rwillsey, peg42, knitpurlgurl, carogonza, stacy_chambers, ali991, js22222222, SebastianToombs, mjsolender, Heroesgirl314, twyls, humanvirus, sweepstaking, panderson1979, magneticcrow, t42vek20, CrashEditors (69)

Sep 19, 2009

WINNER: AuthorOfWorlds

willitara, agordon10, soless, StuffSmart, ericjkrause, TecknoJock, brianpiero, tom343, buffysquirrel, peggywriter, blissunknown, ferriza2, jimenezff, dansbrat, AuthorOfWorlds, jhtatroe, crime_mystery, pixframe, gacarol18, Shawn_Writes, LianaBrooks, samu3lk, BookWyvern, ThatTweetThing, purplepassion12, cleorose05, debralu, spikenelson, abbyalex, jjpdream, silkdress, opalbaker, sunchicka, kayte71, bibliophile23, APrkAvePrincess, SaneDough, TES283, simplydab, sweepstakesgirl, MeganLWC, rwillsey, js22222222, jacullinan, carolynishis, thriftshoppernc, salquinn, hrbeck, drellis500, hminnesota, WlknDisaster, peg42, ckmm04, rebel_rose65, joannaonthelake, guettel78, Sheeredry, eimhin, SebastianToombs, magneticcrow, mjsolender, ali991, jenniwren12, _Silvermare, elf3333 (72)

Sep 18, 2009

WINNER: samu3lk

jessilynne, agordon10, bibliophile23, gacarol18, APrkAvePrincess, nikki57, TecknoJock, mattalbertson, SaneDough, grayrose76, Bigempty, Laughing_Soul, dansbrat, simplydab, jimenezff, pixframe, ckmm04, brianpiero, blueeyeleo, LianaBrooks, scentednights, clevergayle, blissunknown, hrbeck, nyclee, ericjkrause, jcbeam1, susan1215, buffysquirrel, BookWyvern, nltoner, tatertot374, jacullinan, kayte71, js22222222, chromiumman, killerbeees, TeresaHoule, kgereg, vantalee, abbyalex, ktanjatk, samu3lk, carolynishis, jhtatroe, EmaCartoon, jenniferbrozek, arethronok, thriftshoppernc, WlknDisaster, TES283, mjjacobs2, TuesdayGirl, guettel78, carogonza, skankityspence, rwillsey, peg42, Sheeredry, salquinn, MeganLWC, joannaonthelake, TruNerd, drellis500, tralingar, EmApocalyptic, Serok42, silkdress, t42vek20, SebastianToombs, sophieplayle, nicky63, cheekychicken24, TonisTopsy, ali991, jenniwren12, rebel_rose65, mjsolender, elf3333 (89)

Sep 17, 2009

WINNER: mattalbertson

zonabogusia, Manawind, MCJunkie, luckylesia, TeresaHoule, gudmagazine, phyllipkins, lynnecarroll, vantalee, abitnerdy, sweepstaking, mattalbertson, jimenezff, kazul1, a_m_kelly, killerbeees, buffysquirrel, nanoed, jacullinan, Heroesgirl314, jenniferbrozek, EmaCartoon, grayrose76, t42vek20, lunaj1456, mrjoshbaker, TES283, dansbrat, brianpiero, Sinharath, animedasao, rebel_rose65, 2maraA, minnies779, MeganLWC, ferriza2, hrbeck, ktanjatk, kayte71, ckmm04, pixframe, SaneDough, peg42, BookWyvern, skankityspence, chromiumman, kgereg, salquinn, arethronok, thriftshoppernc, jjpdream, Sheeredry, sarahlaurenson, TruNerd, drellis500, purplepassion12, debralu, blissunknown, TuesdayGirl, silkdress, WlknDisaster, gacarol18, mjjacobs2, js22222222, guettel78, joannaonthelake, rwillsey, Serok42, samu3lk, stacy_chambers, SebastianToombs, jenniwren12, ali991, sparky61, mjsolender (82)

Sep 16, 2009

WINNER: SaneDough

vantalee, Laughing_Soul, agordon10, ThatTweetThing, abitnerdy, donnav07, purplelover04, thriftshoppernc, nanoed, MSW1978, carolynishis, js22222222, jacullinan, blissunknown, brianpiero, kimbertay, jimenezff, gacarol18, SaneDough, jhtatroe, APrkAvePrincess, 2maraA, ericjkrause, lunaj1456, eimhin, SecurityGarden, MeganLWC, gudmagazine, ShockTotem, rsdevin, jenniferbrozek, charlesatan, hrbeck, nltoner, dansbrat, chromiumman, ktanjatk, LuckyCat7, sparky61, BookReaderTimes, zonabogusia, cheekychicken24, elf3333, TonisTopsy, ali991 (51)

Sep 15, 2009

WINNER: nanoed

lindac123, TonisTopsy, kohsamui14, gudmagazine, magneticcrow, jenniferbrozek, eimhin, Auriette, MyBellaMia, abitnerdy, sweepstaking, TecknoJock, debralu, TheLuckyLadybug, a_m_kelly, ktanjatk, litehouse27, clevergayle, tom343, vantalee, killerbeees, pixframe, TES283, grayrose76, dracotorre, skankityspence, ericjkrause, xxMegLouisexx, TeresaHoule, nanoed, Egare, lunaj1456, brianpiero, minnies779, ckmm04, CountrySprite, LianaBrooks, EmaCartoon, Spoodles, The4Crows, kazul1, kayte71, jlbeast319, camper223, joannaonthelake, carolynishis, jessilynne, BookWyvern, chromiumman, Sheeredry, SaneDough, arethronok, kimbertay, peg42, hrbeck, JCausby, thriftshoppernc, kgereg, purplepassion12, gacarol18, t42vek20, blissunknown, Tynga, mjjacobs2, dansbrat, jacullinan, Debbie858, luckylesia, ferriza2, js22222222, salquinn, rebel_rose65, samu3lk, rwillsey, stacy_chambers, drellis500, guettel78, silkdress, nltoner, Serok42, glf80, SebastianToombs, APrkAvePrincess, mjsolender, jimenezff, stijnhommes, elf3333, Inksie (104)

Sep 14, 2009

WINNER: mjsolender

agordon10, camper223, grayrose76, ktanjatk, Ardy22, brianpiero, TecknoJock, dansbrat, litehouse27, JCausby, joannaonthelake, vantalee, SaneDough, Manawind, TES283, killerbeees, jessilynne, kgereg, TeresaHoule, drellis500, pestkaj, debralu, lunaj1456, ThatTweetThing, bayctygrl, jimenezff, pixframe, hrbeck, bockle, chromiumman, rsdevin, carolynishis, kayte71, LuckyCat7, ckmm04, Tynga, abitnerdy, jenni104, WlknDisaster, peg42, gacarol18, rebel_rose65, LianaBrooks, abbyalex, ericjkrause, CountrySprite, kaolinfire, purplepassion12, skankityspence, MaiBellaMia, threedifferent, js22222222, mjjacobs2, silkdress, buffysquirrel, jacullinan, gudmagazine, ferriza2, rwillsey, samu3lk, Serok42, carogonza, guettel78, salquinn, gadenice, t42vek20, stacy_chambers, SebastianToombs, mjsolender, zonabogusia (78)

Sep 13, 2009

WINNER: pixiemoongurl

Manawind, jacullinan, dahliamomma, luckylesia, TheLuckyLadybug, lynnecarroll, ladyt64, FAMILY_TIES, amancay, charlesatan, grayrose76, sweepstaking, LuckyCat7, lunaj1456, pixiemoongurl, pixframe, killerbeees, camper223, litehouse27, TES283, leannegip, sophieplayle, str8jacket4u, LianaBrooks, brianpiero, abbyalex, hrbeck, kimbertay, yislash, jenniferbrozek, EmaCartoon, gudmagazine, littlefluffycat, rebel_rose65, clevergayle, BookWyvern, velvet1116, abitnerdy, TeresaHoule, debralu, MaiBellaMia, speakcoffee, kayte71, vantalee, CountrySprite, amtsales2, buffysquirrel, minnies779, peg42, FLboyzmom, chromiumman, jenni104, blissunknown, t42vek20, ckmm04, sheilacrosby403, SaneDough, angell_izz, Sheeredry, stijnhommes, rwillsey, salquinn, silkdress, barbara529, carolynishis, drellis500, Tynga, APrkAvePrincess, js22222222, ThatTweetThing, kitkat234, dolls123, WlknDisaster, ferriza2, kgereg, Serok42, mjjacobs2, guettel78, purplepassion12, stacy_chambers, mjsolender, SebastianToombs, Kersheys, elf3333, Heroesgirl314 (95)

Sep 12, 2009

WINNER: mandyfish

rhoneygee, simply_unique79, StuffSmart, arethronok, vantalee, camper223, abitnerdy, debralu, gudmagazine, Egare, TecknoJock, ericjkrause, Wesley_Amorim, crazeypoet, TheLuckyLadybug, samu3lk, killerbeees, hunniebee724, CountrySprite, chipstreet, carolynishis, jessilynne, sunchicka, djolder, lunaj1456, SaneDough, litehouse27, StoneTable, jenniferbrozek, littlefluffycat, apexjason, kgereg, Shawn_Writes, rebel_rose65, BookWyvern, blissunknown, bockle, MaiBellaMia, ckmm04, t42vek20, ladyknight33, TES283, kayte71, hrbeck, peg42, pixiemoongurl, artsykari, ferriza2, GeekMommaT, thephantomsgirl, jimenezff, chromiumman, jenni104, jacullinan, FLboyzmom, glf80, angell_izz, mandyfish, mjsolender, pixframe, rwillsey, hkropog, WlknDisaster, MyDarlin, Tynga, drellis500, APrkAvePrincess, js22222222, carogonza, purplepassion12, SebastianToombs, salquinn, dolls123, kimbertay, guettel78, Sheeredry, silkdress, ravengoth, sweepstaking, speakcoffee (92)

Sep 11, 2009

WINNER: Merhlyn

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Sep 10, 2009

WINNER: Questionstruck

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Sep 9, 2009

WINNER: EmApocalyptic

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Sep 8, 2009

WINNER: Tweets4fun

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Sep 7, 2009


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Sep 6, 2009

WINNER: charlesatan

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Sep 5, 2009

WINNER: dontlikeclowns

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Sep 4, 2009

WINNER: _Curtastrophe_

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Sep 3, 2009

WINNER: Cyfarwydd

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Sep 2, 2009

WINNER: Wyld_Dandelyon

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Sep 1, 2009

WINNER: StoneTable

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