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We've given you deals before, but nothing quite like this. Now's the best time to get a PDF of any issue of GUD--for whatever price you like (minimum one US cent; though we don't see a cent unless you pay more than 5 cents; and half the net of every sale goes back to our contributors. Help us bump their advances from semi-pro to earned-out pro rates? Every penny helps, and tell your friends! :)

Issue 7 cover

Issue 7

Issue 6 cover

Issue 6

Issue 5 cover

Issue 5

Issue 4 cover

Issue 4

Issue 3 cover

Issue 3

Issue 2 cover

Issue 2

Issue 1 cover

Issue 1

Issue 0 cover

Issue 0

MSRP: $3.50

Or nab Issues 0 through 7 all in one go:

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Want hardcopy? We ship anywhere. We just can't quite afford the same deal, there. We think it's worth it, if you like your quality writing in physical form, of course.

YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO ORDER THROUGH PAYPAL! If you are paying by eCheck, the funds will not be added until your check has cleared. This process usually takes about 5 business days.
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