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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Montage of GUD covers with batsWe kept promising you giveaways for GUD Halloween, and here they are! No fewer than nine weird, eldritch, or just plain spooky GUD stories FREE for you to download over Halloween. But hurry--in the blink of a black cat's eye, they'll be gone!

From GUD's inaugural issue, Issue 0, we bring you Songs of the Dead by Sarah Singleton and Chris Butler. This fantastical tale of William Blake's childhood brings the young poet and artist to-be face to face with demonic possession. Check out what Sarah and Chris had to say about collaborating on writing Songs.

Issue 1 of GUD makes two offerings. Firstly, Electroencephalography, the tale of a domestic robot gone bad that brings out the worst in everyone. Before (or after) reading the story, why not see what author Darby Larson has to say about its creation? He may surprise you with depths to his story you haven't previously explored.

Secondly, we have Nadine Darling's Arrow, in which a young woman is literally shot with Cupid's arrow. At GUD we pride ourselves on bringing you strange tales, but this has to be one of the strangest.

Onwards to GUD Issue 2, from which we bring you two exciting but very different stories. The award-winning Painlessness by Kirstyn McDermott and Jeremy Shipp's Baby Edward. In Painlessness, a woman discovers that her neighour makes a living out of being unable to experience pain--or is her lifestory even more peculiar than that? Baby Edward takes you into a nightmare world where you can cut off part of yourself, but it still won't leave you alone. Kirstyn has written a few lines about how Painlessness came to be and you can also find insights into creativity from Jeremy.

Issue 3 brings you Chica, Let Me Tell You a Story by Alex Dally McFarlane and Michael Greenhut's Think Fast, possibly the first GUD story ever to feature a turtle. Chica is a bewildering tale of what it means to be a Door from one world to the next, and how that gift can be cruelly taken away. Read Issue 3 Instigator Debbie Moorhouse's thoughts on Chica and then delve into the creative process behind Think Fast.

Then last--but not least--from Issue 4 we bring you J(ae)D Brames' Unfinished Stories and Long Winter By Night by D. Elizabeth Wasden. Unfinished Stories explains what really happens to roadkill, and you can find out how it came to be written here, while Elizabeth sets out the historical background to Long Winter, a curious tale in which Stalin seeks supernatural help against the Nazi invasion of Russia.

We hope you enjoy our Halloween bundle of giveaways. And why not invite a friend along to share? There's plenty for everyone! And, as always, we welcome comments.

Right-click, save as: Get your FREE Halloween bundle here (PDF).

The GUD Halloween giveaway ends on November 3rd, when we'll be bringing you the winners of our Grand Pumpkin-Carving Contest.

And don't forget to take our What GUD Monster are YOU? Halloween quiz--you may find you're in one of these great stories!

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