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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GUD PumpkinsIt's time to announce the winners of GUD's Grand Pumpkin-Carving Contest. Your task was simple: carve a real or virtual pumpkin with the word GUD and enter it into our Flickr group.

We were very impressed by the standard of entries and found choosing the winners harder than we expected. The competition for Best Virtual Pumpkin was particularly fierce. But all contests must have a winner, so...

However, I would first like to observe that we also had some great-looking entries that didn't seem to have grasped the concept of the contest. Not a GUD to be seen. Not to mention the tomato that, while GUDdish, didn't quite come within the spirit of the rules. A GUD Effort, we might say, and particularly laudable for the effort involved in carving such a small fruit.

It's always great to be surrounded by so many creative people. But to get to the winners....

If anyone wants to note in comments if they ate the flesh they gouged from their pumpkin, or what happened to their pumpkin afterwards, or anything at all interesting and pumpkin-related, they're very welcome :). Pictures of GUD pumpkins in various stages of decomposition could also be cool.

But now to announce the winners. We have two, one for Best Real Pumpkin and one for Best Virtual Pumpkin. Just a reminder of the prizes: Best Real gets a paperback copy of Angela Carter's short story collection The Bloody Chamber, which includes the two stories that were made into the film "Company of Wolves", and a hardcopy of the GUD Magazine issue of their choice, whereas Best Virtual gets a .pdf of Wolfsongs Vol.1, a modern anthology of wolf tales, and a .pdf of the GUD Magazine issue of their choice.

Nifty prizes. We almost don't want to give them away.

But we said there'd be winners and by GUD there are! Best Real Pumpkin goes to Matt Albertson for his somewhat mechanically-minded entry, and Best Virtual Pumpkin to thelittlefluffycat for a magnificently catty contribution. Look at those whiskers!

Winning Pumpkins

Congratulations, winners! And thanks and well done to everybody who entered :). Look for another Grand GUD Pumpkin Carvery next Halloween.

Winners, please contact editor(at) to claim your prizes. Unclaimed prizes will be shared among the staff ;).

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 / 05:05:16
Woo-hoo! *dances on toes* Thanks, guys!
Tuesday, November 3, 2009 / 06:23:04
But i can only see three pix in that group (…@N24/ ) and at least one of those is a tomato. I'm missing something.
Tuesday, November 3, 2009 / 09:29:03
Those are awesome! I knew that the cat one would win the moment I saw it!

I never did figure out how to save the images!

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