Issue 5 cover

7 Ways to Fake an Orgasm

by Melissa Carroll

Issue 5 :: Winter 2009 (poetry)

Obligatory, a quick convulsion to let him know
you're not a necessary part of the equation, or
halfheartedly, so he knows that you don't care

enough to do the math.


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"7 Ways to Fake an Orgasm" is roughly 185 words.

Melissa Carroll scribbles verses on wet cocktail napkins, argues philosophy over vodka tonics, and channels energy through her hands. She also writes in third person from time to time. In 2005 and 2006 she won first place for poetry in the student journal Quilt, and has also been published in FEILE-FESTA, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, In the Mist, 63 Channels, and South Tampa Magazine. Melissa is an MFA student at University of South Florida. For a good time, visit