Issue 5 cover

Sweet Melodrama

by Tristan D'Agosta

Issue 5 :: Winter 2009 (scripts)

[FELIX enters from right, cautious and afraid. When he nears center, there is a suppressed sneeze from the shadows left]

FELIX: Who's there?

HORNSWALLOW: [Off] Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold yourself.

FELIX: I'm standing, and unfolded.

[HORNSWALLOW enters from left, wiping his nose with a handkerchief]



FELIX: You come most carefully upon your hour.

HORNSWALLOW: 'Tis now struck thirty-eight past ten p.m..
Thy watch is over; get thee hence to bed.

FELIX: [Pointing between Hornswallow's legs] Poppycock!
In keeping watch on thy watch thou didst watch
Thy watch arrive and terminate my watch,
Yet I shall stay upon my watch, and watch
Thy watch, for fear that thou shouldst botch thy watch.

HORNSWALLOW: Thou pointest at my crotch.


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"Sweet Melodrama" is roughly 4995 words.

Tristan D'Agosta grew up in a small fishing village in Maine and now lives in New Jersey. Some of his poems and stories have appeared in hoi polloi, Poesia, Barnwood Magazine, Cause & Effect, Pocket Change, and others.